Stuff Rednecks Like

First there was “Stuff White People Like”. Then came the blog “Stuff Black People Like”. Of course these were both playing on stereotypes but they were hilariously funny to me. However, I noticed a group that was obviously left out that deserved it’s own list and I’ve compiled the “Stuff Rednecks Like” list. Here goes.

1. Rebel Flags

2. Taxidermy

3. Budweiser

4. Dogs

5. Pickup Trucks

6. David Allen Coe

7. Nascar

8. Lynard Skynard

9. Karaoke

10. Cut-off Jeans

11. the South (and the idea of it rising again)

12. Bonfires

13. Skoal

14. cowboy hats/boots

15. Having babies out of wedlock.

16. Wal-Mart

17. Belt Buckles

18. CMT

19. Hunting/Fishing

20. Knick Knacks

21. Pictures of Jesus

22. Muddin’

23. Jeff Foxworthy

24. Bocephus

25. Larry the Cable Guy (Git’r’Done!)

26. Wind Chimes/Dream Catchers

27. Using Blankets as Curtains

28. Yard Decor

29. Basics/Marlboros

30. Fringe

Rednecks also like one-stop shopping.


~ by Becky on June 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Stuff Rednecks Like”

  1. You left off “Lawn Mower Racing!” I have an awesome picture from a little town in Alabama. Someone had put up a hand painted sign that said “Lawn Mower Raceing Tonight” or something like that…I remember the “racing” was misspelled. It was hilarious.

  2. they also like flip flops, reclining chars, smokey and the bandit, john wayne, mobile homes, collecting stuff (franklin mint, beanie babies, porcelain dolls ect) front porches, fishing, back yards, yeah i know a lot of rednecks

  3. You also forgot that we like for people to know we are from the south. Swings on the front porch, what is a deck? LOL, we had one and it was huge but is was a back porch. Planting Gardens and we have to have at least 40 tomato plants in our gardens because we think that is all we will eat!

  4. NASCAR let’s go all star raceing boys!

  5. hot pockets camaros mt dew

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